Are you looking for merchandise to help advertise your business? What about a mug with an office inside joke on it? Engraphics is now offering sublimation services.

The sublimation process is similar other heat transfers that you could do at home. Unlike at-home crafts, we can print in vivid color that stands the test of time and weather when it's pressed into a medium. Our shop carries patches, mugs, badges, pins, with the ability to have other products on order. To be able to sublimate on a textile, it needs to be polyester or cotton, and it has to have a white background where you want your sublimation to go.

Here, we feature some of the many different projects we've sublimated. We want to work with you, so you walk away with an aesthetically pleasing product that's sure to wow others.

Whether it's badges, pins, patches, mugs, we can sublimate it here at Engraphics.

If your company, community group, or team is interested, please email your drawings and specifications to, or click the button below.

We also have walk-ins during regular hours, so you can sit down with us and iron out all of the specifics in-person.